Learn how to connect with your true inner power & turn your life into a joyous journey

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I guide people along their journey of personal and spiritual development.

With all that I do, I'm dedicated to spread love and light, far and wide. And while I'm at it, I help others connect with just that within themselves.

Let's make a difference in the world, while we live happily and free, rooted in our true power, shall we?

Hope to connect with you soon! (6)

When connected with your true inner power, it feels like anything is possible. And so it'll turn out to be.

Personal and spiritual development

1-on-1 Guidance Session

This is for you when you feel like you could use some guidance along your path of personal and spiritual development. You might feel stuck, confused, or alone. Or you just really want to talk with someone who's been walking and discovering the path you're on for some time now. Someone that gets where you want to be. Someone to asks the right questions, to help you change the narrative, see the blocks, or shift your perspective and vibration. Just so you can move forward, feeling relaxed and connected.

I'd be happy to be that person for you.

Here's how you book a 1-on-1 guidance session:

  • You book the session simply by sending me an email: info@sannevanderploeg.com.
  • I get back to you to set a date and time that works for us both.
  • You pay for the session, an investment of €127,- (+21% VAT).
  • Before our session, you fill out a short form, just for me to get to know you a bit.
  • When the day has come, we're meeting in an online meeting room.
  • Session time! You've got 1 hour of my undivided attention.
  • You have some break-throughs, fresh insights, and a huge energy boost.
  • You leave with more clarity and connection.
  • You go out there and GET IT, while I'll be cheering you on vibrationally.
  • I'll check up on you after the session within two weeks, just to see if everything is still going and flowing the way you intended it to. You can ask me questions if you have any.

🇳🇱 Trouwens, voor alle Dutchies, een sessie in het Nederlands kan gewoon!

Questions before you book a session, or not sure yet whether I'm the right person for you? Feel free to reach out via info@sannevanderploeg.com.


I worked with Sanne for 3 months and I've grown so much in such a short period of time. My whole life has shifted in the best ways. During the sessions, Sanne helps me get back to my own high energy in no time. Her way of guiding others is fantastic. She intuitively feels where my blocks are and we work through them fast. I learned so much about myself, and beyond. The tips and tools she shares are practical and easy to apply in daily life. I'm so grateful she's been my spiritual guide - that's what I like to call her - for these months. I'd recomment a session with Sanne above any other coach or the like I know.

- Yasmin Wilnis, founder of The year of Growth

Wow, I'm really impressed by the whole session. A lot of things that I've always felt deep down got confirmed. It was such a powerful session, where I've gained so much clarity and insight. I now fel that it's okay for me to trust my heart and intuition more, in both life and business. Sanne's super energetic. She feels what's going on vibrationally, and helps me see it and move past it right away. I left the session with so many valuable tools I can put into practice, too.

- Robin van de Aa, founder of Studio

I sessions with Sanne have put so many amazing things in motion. My experience: extremely valuable, many insights, and so much growth. Also really great: Sanne has such a warm, happy, and radiating vibe. Only thinking of her and our sessions make me smile! She's always open, honest, and direct. Sanne amazes me every time with her capability to feel whatever is blocking me and helping me get past it fast. What I enjoy as well, is the energy activation she sometimes does. They get me from feeling restless to feeling at ease with a warm and full heart immediately. They get me from feeling restless to feeling at ease with a warm and full heart immediately. Sanne, you're special!

- Miranda Konneman, founder of Inhozho.nl

The art of connected living

Learn how to connect with your true power & turn your life into nothing but a joyous journey

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The messages are reminders of your true inner power, life's goodness, and the Way to access both. They're here to support you along your path of personal & spiritual development.

I receive these messages daily when I'm in a place of connectedness and I have been writing them down for myself for the longest time. Now, I'm happy to share them, in the hopes they serve you well along your journey. Just trust. You came to the right online space.