Self defense courses for women and for your staff.
Empower yourself and your people.

Guidance along your journey of personal and spiritual development.
Step into your light.

When connected with your truth and power, it feels like anything is possible. And so it'll turn out to be.

Sanne van der Ploeg



With all that I do, I'm dedicated to spread love and light, far and wide. While I'm at it, I help others connect with just that within themselves.

As a certified teacher, I empower people by teaching them the art of self defense, based on the principles of Kurodaiya. Find out about the Self Defense Courses here.

I also guide people along there journey of personal and spiritual development, through 1-on-1 Guidance Sessions.

Besides that, I share Spoken Word on #OutspokenSundays and a daily Message of Guidance (Sign up here, it's free) via a platform that I created called The Art of Connected Living.