When connected with your true self, it feels like anything is possible. And so it'll turn out to be.

Sanne van der Ploeg



With all that I do, I'm dedicated to spread love and light, far and wide. While I'm at it, I help others connect with just that within themselves.

I'm the creator of the platform The Art of Connected Living. We help beautiful souls, like you, to find your way to unconditional joy, peace and love. If you're into personal growth and spiritual evolvement, you're going to love it spending time with us! Visit TAOCL here. 

I also offer guidance to people who want some support along their journey of personal and spiritual development in 1-on-1 Guidance Sessions.

Learn & evolve with me and my monk friend

For more clarity, higher vibrations and the release of what's blocking you.
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If you're into personal development and spirituality, you're going to love this platform.
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