This is for you when you feel like you could use some guidance along your path of personal and spiritual development. You might feel stuck, confused, or alone. Or you just really want to talk with someone who's been walking and discovering the path you're on for some time now. Someone to asks the right questions, to help you change the narrative, see the blocks, or shift your perspective and vibration. So you can move forward, feeling more at ease and connected.

I'd be happy to be that person for you!


After a difficult period in my life, it was time that I left the negative thoughts about myself behind. The 1-on-1 guidance session was special. Sanne helped me experience what it feels like to approach myself with unconditional love and compassion. She guided me to a state of just ‘being’ in a positive atmosphere. Sanne also shared with me tools that help me settle into self-compassion during my morning meditation, let go of negative thoughts and accept myself more and more for who I am. Since the session, I have been able to start my days from a place of positive energy again and I've noticed that as a result of the shift in my energy, positive people and opportunities started to appear on my path.

- Menno Kolster, coach at De KrachtCoach

I worked with Sanne for 3 months and I've grown so much in such a short period of time. My whole life has shifted in the best ways. During the sessions, Sanne helps me get back to my own high energy in no time. Her way of guiding others is fantastic. She intuitively feels where my blocks are, which allows me to face and release what was holding me back and get closer to my truth. I learned so much about myself, and beyond. The tips and tools she shares are practical and easy to apply in daily life. I'm so grateful she's been my spiritual guide - that's what I like to call her - for these months. I'd recomment a session with Sanne above any other coach or the like I know.

- Yasmin Wilnis, founder of The year of Growth

I sessions with Sanne have put so many amazing things in motion. My experience: extremely valuable, many insights, and so much growth. Also really great: Sanne has such a warm, happy, and radiating vibe. Only thinking of her and our sessions make me smile! She's always open, honest, and direct. Sanne amazes me every time with her capability to feel whatever is blocking me and helping me get past it fast. What I enjoy as well, is the energy activation she sometimes does. They get me from feeling restless to feeling at ease with a warm and full heart immediately. Sanne, you're special!

- Miranda Konneman, founder of Inhozho

This is how the 1-on-1 Guidance Session goes down

  • We meet in an online meeting room
  • You have 1 hour and 30 minutes of my undivided attention during the session
  • Break-throughs happen, empowering insights dawn upon you, and your energy is sky high.
  • You leave with more clarity and connection, ready to and excited to take your next steps.
  • You go out there and do what you have to do, while I'll be cheering you on vibrationally.
  • I'll check in with you after the session within two weeks, just to see if everything is going and flowing the way you intended it to. During that 15 minute follow-up call, you can also ask me questions if you have any.

The investment for the 1-on-1 Guidance Session is €127,- (for EU residents: this price is excluding 21% VAT)

Sanne van der Ploeg

Topics for discussion can include:

  • Becoming aware of your inner world and energy
  • Building genuine discipline
  • Designing an empowering morning ritual
  • Coming home to your Self and Truth
  • Managing and shifting your energy
  • Connecting with your intuition and learning to trust it
  • Creating a thriving relationship with money
  • Living from a place of flow, ease and alignment
  • Self-love
  • Mindset
  • Letting go of worry, doubt, fear and stress
  • Meditation and other tools to connect
  • Setting boundaries and honoring them
  • Cultivating courage to choose you
  • Letting go of the past
  • Adopting habits that enhance your well-being from a place of ease
    And so much more....


Get in touch

Any questions? Feel free to reach out, always happy to help!