With all that I do, I'm dedicated to spread love and light, far and wide.
While I'm at it, I help others connect with just that within themselves.

Sanne van der Ploeg


I'm out here seeking truth and as I'm finding my way out of the maze of conditioned living, I share with others what I've come to realize. While I'm journeying, I get to guide others who are on the path of personal and spiritual development in 1-on-1 guidance sessions. My guidance is based on inner realizations rather than external education.

Besides that, I am the founder of the platform The Art of Connected Living. If you're into personal development and spirituality, you're gonna love it there! Receive guidance and inspiration through many free offerings, blog posts and spoken poetry.

If you're looking to connect with me on social me, this is how you find me: @sanne.vdploeg.