With all that I do, I'm dedicated to spread love and light, far and wide.
While I'm at it, I help others connect with just that within themselves.

Sanne van der Ploeg


I'm a certified Self Defense teacher, registered by the Kurodaiya Federation, trained by the grandmaster and founder of this specific self defense system. I teach Self Defense Courses, mostly to groups or women or staff. I practice Kurodaiya - which is the first form in martial arts relying on minimal contact, force and movement - since October 2020. I currently wear a yellow band when I'm in the dojo.

Outside of the dojo, I have full focus on my lifelong journey of self-actualization. While I'm journeying, I have the privilege to guide others who are on the path of personal and spiritual development as well in 1-on-1 guidance sessions. My guidance is based on inner realizations rather than external education.

Other than that, I write poetry and divine daily messages of guidance which I share via the platform I created, called The Art of Connected Living. I also regularly jump on IG live or a Clubhouse room to have open and meaningful conversations with like-minded people who're looking to evolve. You can find me on both platforms with the handle @sanne.vdploeg.