Self defense courses

All self defense courses are based on the principles of Kurodaiya, which is the only martial art that relies on minimal contact, movement and force. That means: to be able to defend yourself effectively, you don't have to be strong. Sounds bizarre, almost unbelievable, right? But it works. You and your people could feel a lot more safe, confident and connected with your inner strength walking this earth! Let me tell you some more.

Defend yourself without relying on muscle strength

So I bet you got all excited now that you found out you can learn how to defend yourself, even when you're not that strong. In fact, using strength will work against you. We defend ourselves from a postion of relaxation, no matter how tall or strong the aggressor is.

How is that possible? The techniques we use are designed to disturb the biomechanical process of the aggressor's body. The movements enable you to take control of that person's actions and bring yourself to safety. That's what's so awesome about these techniques: they are simple, yet so profound. And most importantly: it actually works. What we teach is practical and effective.

Again, this all sounds crazy! I know. It's really something you have to experience to understand. So, I'd say allow your mind to be blown by these techniques and empower yourself (and your people). I'm at your service.

Self defense courses - have your pick: