Self defense courses for women

We women all know what it's like to feel vulnerable, unsafe and maybe even desperately defenseless. That needs to end.
Gift yourself with a newfound sense of confidence, security and connectedness with your innate strength. From now on: you got you!

Kurodaiya, an innovative self defense system

All self defense courses are based on the principles of Kurodaiya, which is the only martial art that relies on minimal contact, movement and force. That means: to be able to defend yourself effectively, you don't have to be strong. Sounds bizarre, almost unbelievable, right? But it works. You and your people could feel a lot more safe, confident and connected with your inner strength walking this earth!

Defend yourself without relying on muscle strength

So I bet you got all excited now that you found out you can learn how to defend yourself, even when you're not that strong. I know I was when I first learned about this! The funny thing even is: using strength will work against you within this self defense system. We defend ourselves from a postion of relaxation, no matter how tall or strong the aggressor is.

How is that possible? The techniques we use are designed to disturb the biomechanical process of the aggressor's body. The movements enable you to take control of that person's actions and bring yourself to safety. That's what's so awesome about these techniques: they are simple, yet so profound. And most importantly: it actually works. What we teach is practical and effective.

Again, this all sounds crazy! I know. It's really something you have to experience to understand. So, I'd say allow your mind to be blown by these techniques and empower yourself. I'm at your service.

Courses and schedule

Option 1. Introduction training
- One class, 1,5 hours
- €47,- per person (VAT included)
- You'll get a first taste of what we teach
and experience the essence of the techniques.

Scheduled classes:
No schedules classes at the moment due to COVID. Get in touch to be informed about the latest updates.

Want to join in on an introduction training? Please send an email to info@sannevanderploeg to secure your spot. Even when there's no scheduled date or place that suits you, please reach out, so we can discuss the possibilities, since I travel a lot.

Option 2. Foundations of self defense for women
- Full course, 5 classes, 10 hours
- €197,- per person (VAT included)
- You'll learn the foundations of self defense, so you'll be able to defend yourself when you're being...
... hit or kicked.
... dragged by your clothing, arms, legs or hair.
... choked.
... attacked while laying on the floor.
and more.

Interested in taking the full course? You're so welcome to join one of our existing groups of women. Please send an email to for more information or to book and schedule the course classes.

Please note that my current place of residence is in the surroundings of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
However, I do travel - within NL and globally - to teach Self Defense Courses. So wherever you are, I can be. 

Do you prefer learning with your own people? It's also a possibility to gather your own group of family members, friends or co-workers and take the introduction training or full course together. The only requirement then is that it's a group of 6 or more (men are welcome, too). Just send an email to to discuss the possibilities and ask away.

Ready to book a Self Defense training?

At your service! Please reach me at and I'll get in touch as soon as possible.
Please also don't hesitate to reach out when you're looking for more information. Always happy to help.